Drink For Good Hong Kong

drinking for good 2013
Some of us need an excuse to drink, so what’s a better reason than to drink for a cause? Last Wednesday the fundraising event Drink For Good was held at a number of bars and restaurants in Central, Soho, Tsim Sha Tsui and Lan Kwai Fong. For every drink you purchase between 5pm and 10pm, 5 dollars or more of the proceeds go to Hands On Hong Kong, a local charity to help underprivileged children. The funds raised in Drink For Good are then used to take disabled children to Ocean Park. To be honest I’m not exactly a philanthropist at heart, but for once I can put my alcoholism to good use and give back to the local community!


mana hong kong organic drinks
To start things off, we went to MANA! to check out the fine selection of organic alcohol. Normally MANA! is more well known for their vegetarian fast slow food, but this restaurant serves alcohol too! This was my first time trying organic alcohol and I have to say I do taste the difference between organic and non-organic alcohol. The Yorkshire Python IPA beer was a little too light for me, but the organic Cabernet Sauvignon red wine was divine. If you are interested in sampling organic alcohol, this red wine is a definite must try. Apparently organic alcohol gives you less of a hangover the next day, but this theory only applies to people who don’t add cheap booze to the mixture!

Address: MANA! Fast Slow Food, 92 Wellington Street, Central


new makumba entrance
The next stop was one of my favourite venues in Lan Kwai Fong – Makumba! As Hong Kong’s first and only authentic African lounge, Makumba will ensure a whole new nightlife experience compared to the usual LKF party scene. Usually the place is popping with people busting out their moves on the dancefloor, but since it was a weekday night, the African live band provided some chill and laidback tunes, including Afro jazz and old school RnB beats. To complete the African cultural experience, we also ordered a selection of authentic African cocktails, such as African Hurricane, Ti-punch and Amandla. If you are a fan of ginger-flavoured cocktails, you are in for a treat with African Hurricane!

Address: Makumba, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 2/F, 38-44 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central

drinks at makumba

PURE Bar + Restaurant

pure bar soho
Last but not least, we checked out PURE bar + restaurant to end the night. The PURE gym is just upstairs from the bar, so the place is usually filled with gym-goers replenishing their energy with post-workout meals and smoothies. I’ve only had a booze-free brunch here before, so this was my first time trying out their cocktails. Since I wasn’t familiar with their cocktail specials, I just went with the safe choice and ordered a Bloody Mary. I wonder if PURE offers spiked smoothies, because that sounds like an enticing combo – a drink that gives you a buzz and provides you with essential vitamins at the same time!

Address: Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Rd, Central

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